Thursday, June 24, 2010

Auto Industry in India on the rise !

In April, 144,000 cars were sold, a growth of 40%. Indications that the country has moved away from Recession and is entering a growth curve.

On the export front, car exports registered a growth of 27% and motor bikes 95%. Total export of auto units increased from more than one lakh to two lakhs !.

These are the companies which did it and shares of these companies should be bought at declines, when the stock market reacts sharply.

Company Percentage growth

Maruti 89.55

Hyundai 6.3

Tata Motors 200%

Bajaj Auto 200%

TVS Motors 88%

London listed Vedanta Resources, acquired the zinc unit of UK's Anglo American for 1.3 billion. This will give Vedanta 11% global marketshare. Acquisition to be done through Hindustan Zinc & this company's share can also be bought at declines. Now HZ is trading at 1119.

Jupiter in Pisces, in India's Ninth House, will definitely bring some positive news for India on the economic front.

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There are reports from Cyberabad ( Hyderabad ) that Hyderabad is more or less dried up. One lady on T V said lakes were encroached and there is a depletion of water resources. Hence the Water Crisis. If an IT Center like Hyderabad is like this, what about the other parts of India ?

If the desertification of Kerala has been initiated by some ignorant elements, Keralites have only themselves to blame. Let us put an end to encroachments on our water resources ! Despite having 44 rivers, despite having the highest water well density, despite receiving the highest rainfall ( 3000 mm, which is thrice the national average of India ), some of her places have a semi arid look, which is a cause for alarm and despondency !

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