Monday, September 20, 2010

A lovely book to possess !

Vedic Astrology, a guide to the fundamentals of Jyothish, is a great book by Ronnie Dreyer, for those hungering for the knowledge of Jyothish. Ronnie Dreyer has made the tough subject light by explaining in simple terms the mighty science of Astrology. Dreyer is well versed in Western Astrology, despite having profound knowledge of Jyothish. She can fathom the complexities, the pitfalls and the perplexities that veteran Western astrologer encounter while they deal with Jyothish. Throughout the book, there are warnings and hints that guide astrologers in the proper path, saving them from the interpretative calamities experienced by many astro savants.

Vedic Astrology is explained in simple terms to the student, without much technical jargon. Vedic Astrology is similar to Western Astrology and differs only by 23.5 degrees, which is the difference between the Zodiacs now.

Foreword is by James Braha, another veteran Vedic Astrologer.

This book is a must for the novitiate, as it contains immense information to the students of Evolutionary Astrology.

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