Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vishakha Njattuvela strikes Kerala !

Fierce rains, accompanied by thunder and lightning, was the characteristic of Vishakha Jnattuvela or the Sun's transit of Beta Librae.

This is Thula Varsha or the North East Retreating Monsoon. Great thunder and lightning at Trichur and I couldnt work on my PC or watch Tv at night.

In Cherpu of Trichur, more than 400 acres of agriculture was destroyed by the rains, the rains of Life and Death.

The Monsoon season in Kerala is about to end and will end with Thrikketa Jnattuvela or the end of the sidereal month of Scorpio. From Sagittarius onwards, it is the hot season and farmers will have to water their lands till the 15th of Edava or Taurus, which heralds the South West Monsoon.

When the Retreating Monsoon ( N E Monsoon ) ends, there is no sigh of relief in this Tropical Zone or Torrid Zone, situated at 10.30 degrees north latitude, as nobody likes the blistering hot season. More than 100 people died due to sunstroke last summer !

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