Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cricket Astrology

In Cricket Astrology, Mars is the planet of Cricket and the 3,6,7 and 11 houses are very important.

The Third House signifies ability, courage, hands, energy, fitness, mental strength, intelligence. The Sixth House represents enemies, victory, action and competition. The Seventh House represents the opponent. The Eleventh House represents fame, gain, fulfillment of desire, ambitions, profits, wishes and desires.

Sagittarius represents ground playing games and the Signs which trine Sag like Leo and Aries also become significant. Aries is the natural Ascendant of the Cosmic Man or Kalapurusha and Leo, the sign of sports and games.

Mars represents the organising ability, administration, competition, determination and energy ( sathvam kujo ) . Mars is the most important planet in Cricket Astrology and you will find powerful Mars in the horoscopes of Cricketers. The power of 3,6,7 and 11 Houses also denote cricketing success.

Mars is in the 7th House in Aries, forming Ruchaka Maha Yoga, in the horoscope of Kapil Dev.

Mars is exalted in the horoscopes of Wadekar, Gavaskar and Tendulkar.

Mars is powerfully posited in Scorpio in the horoscope of the Wall ( Dravid ).

In Ganguly's horoscope, Mars aspects the 6th and 7th Houses.

Mars tenants the Ascendant in Srinath's horoscope.

Mars is powerfully posited in the 3rd in Sehwag's horoscope.

Mars aspects the 5th House, in Yuvraj's horoscope.

Mars is powerfully posited in own sign, in C K Nayudu's horoscope.

Mars is placed in the 5th, in Leo, in Bradman's horoscope.

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