Sunday, May 08, 2011

Jupiterian Transits and Business Cycles

Vicissitudes or changes in fortunes are part of Life.

Life is cyclical and we find that fortunes fluctuate.

In Astrology, this is symbolised by the Transits of Jupiter.

In the First House, he brings problems galore ( nana dukham)
In the Second, he brings prosperity ( vitha samriddhi)
In the Third, he brings loss ( thritheeye brahmatho sira )
In the Fourth, he brings loss of kingdom ( chathurthe pandava bhrishta )
In the Fifth, he brings wealth ( putra dhanaptim )
In the Sixth, he brings problems from the jealous. ( ripu badham )
In the Seventh, he gives enjoyments ( bhogan )
In the Eighth, he gives health hazards ( rogan )
In the Ninth, he brings fortune ( dhanaptim)
In the Tenth, he brings loss of position and wandering about ( dasame darika vadham )
In the Eleventh, he brings gain
In the Twelth, he brings loss ( Dwadase ravano hanti ).

Whatever he has taken away when in the 12th and the 1st, he redeems and restores when he is in the 2nd. Similarly whatever he has taken away when in the 8th, is restored when he is in the 9th.

So He is a redeemer and His transits are actually a blessing to mankind.

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