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    This is arrived by adding the birth number and all the digits which comprise
    the current year.See how it is calculated. Suppose a man's birthdate is 23.
    His birth number is 2+3 = 5. Now 5 is added to the current year

    5 + 2+0+0+7 - 14 + 1+4 = 5

    In other words 5 is his Annual Number and predictions are given based on the
    Annual Number 5
    Effects of Annual Number 1

    This year will be mixed for you. You will have
    transfer of job and residence. Be ready for such an eventuality.
    There will be changes in your domestic environment & in your phys-
    ical state of health. This year in other words will be full of
    changes which affect your life.

    If the job which you are doing does not fetch enou-
    gh returns stop it for ever. You will be able to start a job which
    is highly lucrative. You will get the goodwill and help of your
    friends and relatives. You need not think about it nor worry about
    it.Just find out a day when you can start the new venture.Remember
    nothing ventured nothing gained.

    If you are an employee you will have changes in
    status viz you will get promotion. There is also a possibility of
    transfer along with promotion.

    Even though you are happy about profession there
    will be discontent at home. There may be partition at home. There
    is a possibility that you may stay alone for weeks.

    One of your close relatives will be hospitalised.
    There is such a chance.

    You will be beset by many an adversity. But ult-
    imately you will get the helping hand you deserve. So be courage-

    Whatever you touch will be accomplished in time.
    Fortune will grace you eventually. You will live in a new house.
    Health will improve considerably. You will be unified with those
    who moved away from you. At the end of the year auspicious events
    will come after you. All is well that ends well. So be contented.

    Effects of Annual Number 2

    This year will be very fortunate for you.You will
    lose some wealth which is most dear to you. But then you need not
    worry. You will gain in other ways what you have lost. Why worry

    Your superiors will get angry with you. They will
    try to harass you. What can be done? One of your relatives will be
    sick. But then there is no scope for worry. He will get relief.
    The superior who behaved badly will reconcile with you.You will get
    their love & regards. You will sell cycle and buy a scooter.

    The members in your family will increase.There will
    be the birth of a new born. You will distribute sweets. There will
    be events which make you alert. Dont jump into anything and do as
    per the situation.

    If you are a trader this year will not be lucrative
    for you. You will be taxed by the government.Otherwise your products
    will be damaged.Will all these not affect your business? Why dont you
    team up with somebody who is trustworthy? Partnership will do good
    to you. So think about it deeply. You will be tormented by women.
    Take it as trivial. The problem will be solved automatically.

    This year will normally be good for you generally.
    So be cheerful.Do not be overwhelmed by problems.Problems are there
    to be solved. Only the manly can face problems and solve them. With
    Grace Divine any problem can be solved.

    If you are not worshipping God start doing it now.
    Immense mental peace can be attained by doing so. Your income will
    increase.You need that also.You will be above want. Only good will
    Effects of Annual Number 3 for one year

    You will get relief from many a suffering. This
    year will give you both immense benefits.

    If you have been unmarried so far this year will
    see the wedding bells ring out. Auspicious events in the
    family. You will be victorious in each & every affair. You
    will get hedonistic pleasure and all sorts of commforts.

    You will buy land and build a house.Your friends
    will move away from you and scatter to all lands. This will do
    good to you. There will be professional enhancement. If you go
    abroad seeking other jobs you will be back victorious. What else
    do you want?

    Fate may intervene with her torments at the end
    of the year having though that you have enjoyed enough. Fate will
    teach you a lesson. Be careful.

    Fate may involve you in a case & take you to court
    All this is due to property. Expenses spiral. You will find it
    difficult to get mental peace. Unnecessary expenditures will
    torment you.So be careful.Then loss of wealth & loss of reputation
    can be avoided. If alert any difficulty
    can be solved.

    You have to propitiate the tutelary Diety.You have
    not done it so far. So please do it immediately.

    Effects of Annual Number 4

    This year will be very good for you.At home mental
    peace & contentment will prevail. But at times you may face
    financial adversity. There may be many sorrowful events. You have
    to incorporate courage and not lose presence of mind. Do not forget
    your duties and responsibilites. If you strive for success you will
    definitely win.

    This year will be a turning point in your life.
    Strive for success & work hard for that.That is the reason for this
    warning. Prosperity who comes you should not be driven out. In your
    life both domestic & professional many hindrances and obstacles can
    arise. So be careful. There may be circumstances which facilitate
    loss of control of mind. You need not go to court for that. So
    please do not jump.

    Do not indulge in speculation.Victory is difficult
    in these ventures. The money which you spend for that should be
    given as charity.

    If you want to go away from your land of domicile
    you have to be very careful. Try to avoid journeys. Many crises
    can happen to you if go. Your life itself may be in danger. That
    is why we say that you should be extra careful.

    Do not forget the Lord God.

    Effects of Annual Number 5

    This year is not so good for you. You may receive
    an urgent telegram. If you open it it will be a dolorific affair
    for you. It will be the death of a close relative. Anyway you may
    wail that the year has begun like this.But the successive days may
    be far more happy.

    Are you involved in litigation? If so you will get
    a favourable decision. Victory is on your side. This year there is
    a chance that you may be successful in lottery & betting. With
    courage you can take chances in such gambling ventures. You will

    This year as the goddess of fortune graces you con-
    tinously what demerit have you got? Whatever you touch will turn
    to gold.If you are a trader all that you have to think is that why
    you dont have enough stock. You will be a marketing success.

    You will get relief from bodily ailments. Your
    health will improve considerably.If you want to go abroad you will
    be able to.Does everybody get the chance to go overseas? This year
    you will. Utilise it properly.

    You won't have much financial problems. If you are
    working under somebody you will have promotion. You may get a
    transfer to a distant place. Be happy with your family.

    There will be peace in the family. There will be
    more love in the couple. There will be relief from childlessness.
    There will be a newborn in the family this year.

    The goddess of Fortune will grace you week after
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