Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thula Varsha or North East Monsoon

Despite criticism that Thula Varsha or the North East Monsoon is far away, she is dot on time. It rained heavily in Trichur yesterday. It rained heavily in Madras the day before.

Tamil Nadu receives more rains than Kerala in this North East Monsoon phase. In Kerala rains are less this year, with the result we have unwanted power cuts. 

We hope it pours heavily again. If not Kerala is in for more power cuts. 

Yesterday it rained ( 08112012). It rained incessantly for 6 hours on Wednesday. Still the Idukki dam has less water and power cuts have been enforced in Kerala.

We need more rains. Otherwise the power situation will be grim. Kerala is heavily dependent on hydel  projects.

These monsoons are very important as Mr Monsoon has been defined as the Finance Minister of India. 

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