Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Absolute Being assuming the role of Numbers

The Timeless who is Infinity becomes One when
He stands alone. He becomes Two as Consciousness and Force. When
He assumes the role of Creator Preserver & Destroyer He becomes
Three. He becomes Four as the Four Vedas. He becomes Five as the
sense organs.As the Six Shastras He becomes Six. He becomes Seven
as the Sevenfold Chord Of Being - Life Mind Matter Supermind Being
Knowledge and Bliss. He becomes Eight as the Ashta Aiswaryas. He
becomes Nine as the Nine planets and the Nine base digits.

Infinite is Thy play as Numbers !

Thy triune eyes Past Present & Future
Thy faces four are the fourfold Veds
Thy smile Maya Thy movement Time
Blessed be Thine Universal Form!

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