Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vital Number in Numerology

Your individuality, Fate achievements & the planet-
ary positions at the time of birth are all miraculously interrela-
ted. This is known as the Law of Cosmic Interrelatedness. This Law
has been highlighted by the astrological savants and numerologists
in India China Egypt Japan and Western countries.

In Numerology there are many schools of thought.
In India and the Western countries the Birth Number is used as
the base. This Birth Number is the basis of all prognostications.
This number is calculated from the date of birth. Month & Year
are not at all considered. Cheiro and others have used this meth-
od. Because of that Zero is not at all considered.

As a result of research work done by Zodiac Com-
ters an ancient numerological method has been brought to light.
The month and the year are to be considered while evaluating the
Life or Vital Number. In order to calculate the Life or the Vital
Number ( which is not at all dealt with in any book) a new method
has been devised. And the planet of Fortune or the Vital Planet
has been brought to the fore.

The different aspects of your Personality & their
analysis and the practical guidelines based on that have been
found to be miraculously effective. This method is found to be
very reliable.

How can one's personality be developed? How can
one be successful in the battle of Life?Such practical guidelines
have more utilitarian value. The fundamental mysteries of the suc-
ccesses you have achieved so far can be analysed in the light of
these guidelines. A more successful lifestyle and profession can
be searched and implemented.

Your most effective number colour gem dates days
of the week & months are shown. You can envisage your own future
plan your daily schedules and take effective decisions by using
this esoteric knowledge. If you test this personally you will be
astounded by the effectiveness of this method.

The Way to Calculate Your Life or Vital Number

Add all the digits which make up your date of
birth. You can evaluate Life or Vital Number and Lord of Life
from the chart given below.

Combined Number from Life/Vital Number Lord of Life
date of birth
29 1 MARS
11 38 47 2 VENUS
12 21 39 48 3 MERCURY
13 22 31 49 4 MOON
14 23 32 41 5 SUN
15 24 33 42 51 6 MERCURY
16 25 34 43 52 7 VENUS
17 26 35 44 53 8 MARS
18 27 36 45 54 9 JUPITER
10 19 20 28 37 40 46 55 0 SATURN


1. According to this school of Numerology Zodiacal
signs and the planets will be different from Indian Predictive
Astrology. Do not mix these two schools.

2. Know that Life / Vital Number is totally different
from Birth Number followed in other systems.

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