Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Daily Numbers VI & VII

Effect of Daily Number VI

6,15,24 - all these numbers confer good fortune. You will get help from all. You will get their love and goodwill. 15 and 24 will do good. Of this 15 is excellent. Fortune will come to you, if you get the Daily Number as 15. 1 and 5 are excellent numbers

Effect of Daily Number VII

7,16,25 - all these numbers foster spirituality. Also love for the arts and sciences. Despite that, you will have to overcome obstacles. Even though your efforts will find fruition, it may be enjoyed by somebody else. 16 will create difference of opinion with somebody importnat and it will become a hindrance to your objectives. Even then the 1 will create a helpful atmosphere for you. 25 will grace you with goodness. The 5 in 25 will save you in crisis !

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