Saturday, December 01, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 8

Please note that during this year you should not
involve in other's affairs.Beware of even own brothers and sisters.
Otherwise all troubles will descend on your head. You know troub-
les come in droves.

Only if you strive hard will you taste the sweet
smell of success. So only jump into things which you yourself
consider worthwhile.

Even if you may get some lucky breaks you may be
tormented by adversity.How can you triumph over adversity? Turn to
the Lord. He will save you at the eleventh hour.

Even though you are tormented by difficulties and
problems money will increase.You will be above want.Money will come
from unexpected sources. Many a person will come to save you.Isn't
this a big fortune?

So contentment will smile at you. You will have
mental peace. Tortures and torments will go away from you. You will
have satisfaction. Mental peace will reign in the family.

So this year will be mixed for you - mixed with
good and bad effects. After all life is bitter-sweet. You need not
worry unduly about life. Take it as it comes. Let your will-power
save you.

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