Monday, December 03, 2007

Effects of Daily Numbers IV & V

Effects of Daily Number IV

4,13,22,31 -These numbers are helpful to your progress. Despite their favourability, you will have to confront many adversities and impediments on the path of Life. But Victory will be yours ultimately. 13 will help you to remove obstacles. 22 will do good. Victorious you will be in the affairs which you indulge in. But 31 will lead you astray. It will create panic or depression in the mind. There will be dissatisfaction, even if the mission is fulfilled in time

Effects of Daily Number V

5,14,23 - all these numbers are good for travel. These numbers are auspicious for starting any venture. You will have to exercise maximum vigilance in all affairs you indulge in. Even though 14 is a good number, the 4 contained in it is a creator of obstacles and hindrances. 23 is a very good number. 2 and 3 are bosom friends. Because of that, these 2 numbers will vie for supremacy to give you good results.

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