Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 2

This year will be very fortunate for you.You will
lose some wealth which is most dear to you. But then you need not
worry. You will gain in other ways what you have lost. Why worry

Your superiors will get angry with you. They will
try to harass you. What can be done? One of your relatives will be
sick. But then there is no scope for worry. He will get relief.
The superior who behaved badly will reconcile with you.You will get
their love & regards. You will sell cycle and buy a scooter.

The members in your family will increase.There will
be the birth of a new born. You will distribute sweets. There will
be events which make you alert. Dont jump into anything and do as
per the situation.

If you are a trader this year will not be lucrative
for you. You will be taxed by the government.Otherwise your products
will be damaged.Will all these not affect your business? Why dont you
team up with somebody who is trustworthy? Partnership will do good
to you. So think about it deeply. You will be tormented by women.
Take it as trivial. The problem will be solved automatically.

This year will normally be good for you generally.
So be cheerful.Do not be overwhelmed by problems.Problems are there
to be solved. Only the manly can face problems and solve them. With
Grace Divine any problem can be solved.

If you are not worshipping God start doing it now.
Immense mental peace can be attained by doing so. Your income will
increase.You need that also.You will be above want. Only good will

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