Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 4

This year will be very good for you.At home mental
peace & contentment will prevail. But at times you may face
financial adversity. There may be many sorrowful events. You have
to incorporate courage and not lose presence of mind. Do not forget
your duties and responsibilites. If you strive for success you will
definitely win.

This year will be a turning point in your life.
Strive for success & work hard for that.That is the reason for this
warning. Prosperity who comes you should not be driven out. In your
life both domestic & professional many hindrances and obstacles can
arise. So be careful. There may be circumstances which facilitate
loss of control of mind. You need not go to court for that. So
please do not jump.

Do not indulge in speculation.Victory is difficult
in these ventures. The money which you spend for that should be
given as charity.

If you want to go away from your land of domicile
you have to be very careful. Try to avoid journeys. Many crises
can happen to you if go. Your life itself may be in danger. That
is why we say that you should be extra careful.

Do not forget the Lord God.

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