Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 1

This year will be mixed for you. You will have
transfer of job and residence. Be ready for such an eventuality.
There will be changes in your domestic environment & in your phys-
ical state of health. This year in other words will be full of
changes which affect your life.

If the job which you are doing does not fetch enou-
gh returns stop it for ever. You will be able to start a job which
is highly lucrative. You will get the goodwill and help of your
friends and relatives. You need not think about it nor worry about
it.Just find out a day when you can start the new venture.Remember
nothing ventured nothing gained.

If you are an employee you will have changes in
status viz you will get promotion. There is also a possibility of
transfer along with promotion.

Even though you are happy about profession there
will be discontent at home. There may be partition at home. There
is a possibility that you may stay alone for weeks.

One of your close relatives will be hospitalised.
There is such a chance.

You will be beset by many an adversity. But ult-
imately you will get the helping hand you deserve. So be courage-

Whatever you touch will be accomplished in time.
Fortune will grace you eventually. You will live in a new house.
Health will improve considerably. You will be unified with those
who moved away from you. At the end of the year auspicious events
will come after you. All is well that ends well. So be contented.

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