Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 6

Employees will get promotion. Income will increase
as a result. Your house will be full of contentment.

For traders this is a good year. Gains will inc-
rease. Even then there will be some difficulties. Workers will go
for a strike. They will demand more bonus. There will be quarrels
& noise. Some months may go like this but utlimately you will win.

There will be gains in profession. Strike will end
when the workers realise that there is no meaning in continuing the
strike. After that all will be a bed of roses.

Expenses spiral taking a toll of economic health
You may have to borrow. There may be difficulties even in that.
None of the activities that you indulge in will bear fruit.It wont
end in time either. As things move in a procrastinated manner you
have to change course. Some time you will feel the dark side of
Life - Sorrow. Dont worry about that.

This adversity which affects you during the first
half of this year gives rise to prosperity in the end.Contentment
surfaces after months of misery. You will do lot of good for the
family. By Grace Divine all the crises that came to you melt away
leaving you protected. Go for travel around the globe.

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