Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Effects of Name Number 3

Integral Name Number = 3
You will be versatile having a lot of qualities.
Other Fadic Numbers will not be compatible with this Name Number.

Integral Name Number = 12
You will win all by the gift of the gab. Your
life will be contented.The ups and downs of life its vicissitudes
its failures & successes its joys and sorrows will not upset the
Integral Name Number = 21
You will be selfish. You will suffer a lot and
win success ultimately.You will get happiness only after middle age.
You will be able to bear the cross of life patiently. You will be
able to amass largesse.

Integral Name Number = 30
You will have occult knowledge. You will have
thinking power.You will indulge in every affair even when you know
that it will not yield the desired results.You will not be
a fortune hunter. You can only taste success if you can
control your mind.

Integral Name Number = 39
You will be hard working. You will not be able
to enjoy whatever you have earned. Those who are near you will get
the benefit of your efforts. Even then you will not be destroyed.
With hard work you will be able to survive. Health condition will
not be all that good. You may have to face skin diseases.

Integral Name Number = 48
You will be an altruist helping many. You will
be highly charitable.Your life will be marked by many crises. Fate
will be adverse to you.You will indulge in activities which do not
suit you and ultimately you may have to struggle as a result.

Integral Name Number = 57

You will start all activities well. You will
not be graced by success initially. Ultimately you will have to
fall into the pit of defeat. This is a number which denotes care-

Integral Name Number = 66
You will have a good life. You will achieve all
that you crave. You will indulge in the pleasures of the mundane.
You will have love for the arts. You will be famous as an orator.
You will have good income.

Integral Name Number = 75
You will indulge in writing books and poetry.
You will lead a majestic life with a lot of admirers.

Integral Name Number = 84
You will have a lot of enemies. You will gain
happiness only after middle age.You will indulge in foreign travel.
You will gain as a result of that.But you will not gain the reward
of your efforts. You will shine in spiritual affairs.

Integral Name Number = 93
You will be a genius in all many fields. You
will gain the love and respect of all. You will be knowledgeable
and famous. Only money will not come to you as knowledge.

Integral Name Number = 102
This is not a great number. You will not have
much selfconfidence. You will not be free from anxiety. If you su-
cceed in certain fields you will have to face defeat in other
fields. The only refuge is to turn to Philosophy & Religion.

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