Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number Nine

Many auspicious events will take place in your
family. Your friends will admire your professional capacity. You
will get the help of your friends and relatives. You may buy new
land or building.

If you are an employee you will get promotion.Isn't
this position you have craved for for a long time? The winds of
fortune will blow in your favour.

You will get fame and reputation.The transfer to an
interior place is good. You will not walk the wrong path this year.
Even if you are subject to temptations your mind will not allow.It
will block that yearning.

If you are working under somebody you will enjoy
mixed effects. You will get promotion and rise in income.All these
will constitute happiness. Because of other's jealousy you may not
get full mental peace. If not some trouble will happen in your
family which adversely affects mental peace.

If you are doing business this year will not be so
good. Let it come as it may. You may get only marginal profit. But
a big loss awaits you. So therefore dont try to expand business.
This year will be quite prosperous.

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