Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 3 for one year

You will get relief from many a suffering. This
year will give you both immense benefits.

If you have been unmarried so far this year will
see the wedding bells ring out. Auspicious events in the
family. You will be victorious in each & every affair. You
will get hedonistic pleasure and all sorts of commforts.

You will buy land and build a house.Your friends
will move away from you and scatter to all lands. This will do
good to you. There will be professional enhancement. If you go
abroad seeking other jobs you will be back victorious. What else
do you want?

Fate may intervene with her torments at the end
of the year having though that you have enjoyed enough. Fate will
teach you a lesson. Be careful.

Fate may involve you in a case & take you to court
All this is due to property. Expenses spiral. You will find it
difficult to get mental peace. Unnecessary expenditures will
torment you.So be careful.Then loss of wealth & loss of reputation
can be avoided. If alert any difficulty
can be solved.

You have to propitiate the tutelary Diety.You have
not done it so far. So please do it immediately.

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