Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 7

Even if you get promotion and transfer of job
peace will not prevail in the family. There will be clashes in the
family. You will be tight financially. How can the couple live in
happiness in such a situation?

There may be some sorrowful events in the family.
Money will not be with you. All the money that you gain will be
scattered to the winds.

If you are involved in a legal dispute you will
win. You may get accumulated property. Haven't these come unexpe-
ctedly? You may gain via women. Even so there may be a lack of
contentment.You will consider your duty as divine.Happiness will
be lacking. You will now understand that money is not the criter-
ion for happiness.

But dont think that it will go on like this fore-
ver. At the end of the year you may have some lucky breaks. You
will be extolled by the superiors. You will get promotion.

Whatever you desire will bear fruit. Contentment
in the family. There may be the birth of a new born. Mental peace
can be had during the final months of the current year.

Anyway this year will give you some lucky breaks
in the end despite making you suffer in the initial months. May
you reach a peaceful state

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