Saturday, November 24, 2007

Effects of Annual Number 5

This year is not so good for you. You may receive
an urgent telegram. If you open it it will be a dolorific affair
for you. It will be the death of a close relative. Anyway you may
wail that the year has begun like this.But the successive days may
be far more happy.

Are you involved in litigation? If so you will get
a favourable decision. Victory is on your side. This year there is
a chance that you may be successful in lottery & betting. With
courage you can take chances in such gambling ventures. You will

This year as the goddess of fortune graces you con-
tinously what demerit have you got? Whatever you touch will turn
to gold.If you are a trader all that you have to think is that why
you dont have enough stock. You will be a marketing success.

You will get relief from bodily ailments. Your
health will improve considerably.If you want to go abroad you will
be able to.Does everybody get the chance to go overseas? This year
you will. Utilise it properly.

You won't have much financial problems. If you are
working under somebody you will have promotion. You may get a
transfer to a distant place. Be happy with your family.

There will be peace in the family. There will be
more love in the couple. There will be relief from childlessness.
There will be a newborn in the family this year.

The goddess of Fortune will grace you week after
week. You will have more happiness than usual. Live and enjoy !

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