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Effects of Birth Number 5

The number 5 is ruled by the intellectual planet
Mercury. He is the planet of academic education. Those born on
the 5th 14th and 23rd are having five as their individual birth

Mercury owns two signs of the Zodiac - Virgo &
Gemini. Both are intellectual signs. The Fivians acquire expertise
in all the realms of knowledge. Scholarship will grace them in no
uncertain measure. They are humourous generally.Health & longevity
will be theirs. They will have physical beauty & will be admirers
of Beauty. As they are born in obscurity they will rise to the
pinnacle of their profession due to hard effort.

As Five stands in between the digital alphabet
it has relationship will all numbers. Similarly the fivians will
have good relations with the people and earn their good will. They
are endowed with good diplomacy which is needed. They are quick
in taking decisions which others take hours.

Body Structure

A prosperous face sparkling eyes attractive looks
& elegant gait.


You will not remain in one job for ever always
looking out for new opportunities.Even then you do not face defeat.
You will be handling all situations with your intellectual power.
You will shine in artistic professions and publishing.

You may suffer due to lack of sleep. Till the age
of 14 you will have many illnesses. 40 will be a dangerous age
for you. If you cross the age of 40 you will live upto 80.

Yoga therapy will be more useful to you than herbal medicines.

Please incorporate milk & fruits in your diet. Vitamins & minerals
should be taken in abundance.

Marital Life

Compatibility can be achieved with those having 5 &
9 as their birth numbers although you can go along fine with all

Even though you may be subject to the divine passion of Love you
will not go and love all Tom Dick & Harry. If you feel love for
anybody you will make him/her you marital partner.

Negative Aspect
However knowledgeable you may be anxiety & infer
iority complex will not leave you. Inconstancy and fickleness are
your sisters. You will fall for temptations. You love flattery.

The positive traits are more observed in the persons born in the
sidereal months of Mithuna (Gemini - 21 May to 25 June) & Kanni
(Virgo - 21 August to 20 September). On the other hand negative
traits are found in persons born in Pisces ( 21 Feb to 20 March)

Another bad trait which is noticed in these Mercurians is that
however wealthy they may be they will not have food at the
appropriate time. Their intellectual power will be useful to many
but not to themselves. They have to understand the principle that
-God Helps those who help themselves. They forgive their enemies
even those who do them immense harm.

Lucky days & weeks

5 14 & 23 normally brings luck to them. 9 18 & 27
are also favourable. Wednesday & Friday are also auspicious.

If they start their activities on abovementioned
dates which coincides with Friday & Wednesday they will be victo-

Lucky Stones

Mercury is represented by Emerald.

Numerology & Astro-Gemology

Scientific Research done - The Seven Rays Theory

The seven primary colours of the spectrum and the two secondary
colours correspond to the nine revolving heavens.(VIBGYOR & infra-
red and ultra-violet ).

The nine colours are understood to be the cosmic matrix and the
very essence of the nine planets and it is through these colours
that the planets radiate their energy and influence. When the
visible colored lights are measured infra-red exhibits the long-
est wave length and ultra-violet the shortest. The wavelength
of colored light emanating from the planets are found to match
those radiating from each planet's corresponding gemstone(s).
Researches show that the wavelength of light emanating from
the Sun is identical to the wavelength of light emanating
from Ruby - Red.

Among all the elements in nature gemstones constitute the most
condensed form of concentrated color. Gems therefore provide
an inexhaustible source of cosmic color rays.

Here we give the Cosmic Colour and the Gem corresponding to the
Nine revolving heavens.

( The term 'planet' used in Sidereal Astrology refers to cel-
estial bodies or mathematical points. A star(Sun) the two ma-
thematical points where orbits of the Sun (Earth-in-reflex)
and the Moon intersect - viz the North and South Nodes of the
Moon - ( Rahu & Ketu ) are referred as planets.)

No Colour Planet Gemstone Element Chakra

1 Red Sun Ruby Fire Manipura
2 Orange Moon Pearl Water Swadhistana
3 Light Blue Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Ether Vishuddhi
4 Ultra-Violet Rahu Hessonite Air Anahata
5 Green Mercury Emerald Earth Sahasrara
6 Indigo Venus Diamond Water Ajna
7 Infra-red Ketu Cat's Eye Fire Muladhara
8 Violet Saturn Blue Sapphire Air Anahata
9 Yellow Mars Coral Fire Muladhara

In the Kurma Purana Chapter 43 verses 1 and 2 it is stated that
omnpiresent are the rays that compose His body and illumine the
illimitable worlds of this Universe. Amongst them seven are the best
as they from the original cores of the seven planets. From this
we can ascertain that these seven rays are supreme among all the
rays which form the Universe. These rays emanating from the Supreme
carry out the functions of creation maintenance and destruction in
conformity with Divine Will and the movements of eternal Time. The-
refore all things are composed of the seven rays and their inherent
radiating energies. All sounds and forms in this material Universe
can be said to originate within the seven rays.Through a clear glass
equilateral prism you can view the world & you will find that every-
thing is permeated by the seven rays.

The five elements of earth - water - fire -air and ether are also
condensations of these same cosmic colors.

Cosmic Green condensed is the Earth Principle
As Ether is the densification of Cosmic Blue !
Water Element is the condensation of Cosmic Indigo
Air Principle is Cosmic Violet densified
Cosmic Yellow condensed is the Fire Principle !

The five subtle essences corresponding to the Five Great Elements
have their individual colors as well;sight is due to the vibration
of the red cosmic ray - smell is due to green -the sense of touch
is within the violet colour - sound vibration is blue & taste
sensation is orange. The sense organs utilized to experience the
five senses are also colored by these same individual rays. If one
looks through a prism the eyes will show the red color -the nose
green - skin violet - tongue orange & the ear holes will exhibit
blue cosmic colors when viewed in this way. The human organism is
composed of cells that form groups & are the building blocks of
the body. The cells themselves are composed of the seven rays and
these must be in balance to maintain them in a healthy condition.

Furthur researches in Gemology has discovered that gems
increase the transmission of Cosmic Colours radiated by the
planets which is absorbed by our etheric or astral body thus
satiating "Colour Hunger " and eliminating disease. This is
the rationale of Gem Therapy.

Normally the gem correpsonding to one's Birth Number is to
be worn on a Shukla Paksha Wednesday in a state of physical
& mental purity to enhance fortune and combat disease. But
this should be confirmed by checking with a bonafide side-
eral astrologer & Gemologist.

Divine Measures to be undertaken
If these letters E H N X are found in their names
they become fortunate.

You should worship Mercury. As a result you will
have intellectual & material wealth.

Lucky Colours
In your sartorial habits you should select the
colours which correspond to your Birth Number. White & ash color
has been prescribed for you.

You have to understand that in order to tone up your system and
to impart strength the abovementioned colours will be useful.If
you stay in rooms painted with such colours you will find your
stay very satisfactory. Then you will get good rest sleep and
a euphoric mood when you awaken from slumber. If you find that
such colours cannot be fitted anywhere on your dress you can fit
it in kerchief or tie.

Lord Vishnu is the presiding deity of Mercury (Nru-
simho Budha). Worshipping Him on Wednesdays can confer Grace Divine.

Priyangu Kalika Shyamam
Roopena Prathimam Budham
Soumyam Soumya Gunopetham
Namami Shashinam Sutham

This sloka if recited will confer prosperity & enchance fortune.
This is the moola sloka of Mercury.

Favourable Direction
North is the direction of Mercury. As your Birth
Number is Five only after moving northwards four feet should you
start any journey. When you think & plan important events or when
you start any activity if you face the northern direction it will
be highly beneficial. In your study room and in your office if you
face your favourite direction which is North you will find that
success comes easily. Intelligence increases and easily problems
which look daunting becomes automatically solved.

That there is an interrelationship between Numbers
& Music has been established by the astrological savants. You should
select the Music which corresponds to your Birth Number. Such Music
will give inspiration and strength. It becomes active in your brain.

As your Birth Number is Five uncommon new & innovative Music has
been prescribed. You will get inspiration and bliss from that.

Prominent Persons born under Five

Dr S Radhakrishnan Jawaharlal Nehru Saint Thyagar-
aja William Shakespeare Karl Marx Nirad C Chaudhuri Dev Anand Raj
Kapoor Sheik Abdulla Zufikar Ali Bhutto Nawab of Pataudi Subhash
Chandra Bose G R Vishwanath John Newcombe Prince Charles.

The Eightfold Intelligence Theory

Intra personal intelligence which adorns poets & philosophers is
imparted by Jupiter.

Inter personal intelligence which graces politicians & businessmen
is bestowed by Saturn and Sun

Musical and Spatial intelligence ( musicians ) is imparted by Venus

Bodily Kinnaesthetic intelligence ( sportsmen) is imparted by Mars

Arithmetic &logical intelligence (programmers) is imparted by Mercury

Naturalistic intelligence (beauticians) is imparted by Moon

Linguistic intelligence (writers) is imparted by Jupiter

As your Birth Number is ruled by the Jupiter you will be gifted with a high degree of intra personal intelligence which can be used in Philosophy and scientia intuitiva ( intuitive sciences ).

Integral Birth Number - 5

Your integral birth number is 5 and these are
the effects of being born under 5.

They will have divine Grace in no uncertain
measure. Even in young age they will show mighly goals. Women like
them immensely. They also will come under the persecution of women.

Integral Birth Number - 14

Your integral birth number is 14 and these are
the effects of being born under 14.

They will love travel. They may face fiscal tight-
ness. They will acquire property. You will have to guard against
diseases till the age of 14. Others will help you. Fortune will
grace you. You will love the members of your family.

Integral Birth Number - 23

Your integral birth number is 23 and these are
the effects of being born under 23.

These people will reach the top and attain status.
They will be very infuential amongst people. Even in high circles
they will have influence. Regal life guaranteed. Even those highly
placed will appreciate them.

The Ninefold Intelligence Theory

Intra personal intelligence which adorns poets & philosophers is
imparted by Jupiter.

Inter personal intelligence which graces politicians & businessmen
is bestowed by Saturn and Sun

Musical and Spatial intelligence ( musicians ) is imparted by Venus

Bodily Kinnaesthetic intelligence ( sportsmen) is imparted by Mars

Arithmetic &logical intelligence (programmers) is imparted by Mercury

Naturalistic intelligence (beauticians) is imparted by Moon

Linguistic intelligence (writers) is imparted by Jupiter

Existential intelligence which is the prerogative of the Divine
is represented by Jupiter.

As your Birth Number is ruled by Mercury you will be gifted with a high degree of logical personal intelligence which can be used in computers and mathematics.

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