Monday, November 05, 2007

Effects of Fadic Number I

Fadic Number

If you are born on June 23rd 1955, you can add all the digits , 2+3+0+6+1955 and you get 4 as the Fadic Number

Here we enumerate the effecs of Fadic Number One

Integral Fadic Number = 10
This is a most fortunate number. They will reach
the top. You will reach a high position in old age. Or you may be
the head of some institution in old age.They are ready to sacrifice
anything for the achievement of their goals.

Integral Fadic Number = 19
Their life will be mixed - a vortex of happiness
& sorrow.Fortune will grace them albeit belatedly.You will be happy
to gain self-praise.They will spend a lot of money for status. You
will live a luxurious life.Your life will be marked by many viciss-

Integral Fadic Number = 28
You will have peace of mind in whatever you do.
You will attain fame being a lawyer or literatuer. You will shine
also in politics. Your assets increase as a result of your intelli-
gence. In old age you may lose the company of your partner. Fame &
fortune will come after you.They will be above want & do not face
Integral Fadic Number = 37
You will be selfcentred and will be known as an
egotist.Extravagance also manifests.You will not have much savings.
Whatever remains in life is only bad reputation.

Integral Fadic Number = 46
You will be the leader of some institution. You
will live a life of comforts attaining fame & reputation. You may
have some clandestine affairs but do not tarnish the reputation of
your family. If you can overcome opposition & adversity you can
reach the top easily.

Integral Fadic Number = 55
You will be very able & efficient. But you lack
the mental power to back it. Worldly life will be cheerful & conte-
nted. You will gain via progeny. Unexpected monetary gains can be
Integral Fadic Number = 64
You will not suffer from penury. You will have for
literature poetry & art.You normally reach the top without any big
effort. You will try to consolidate your position. Domestic life
will be peaceful.
Integral Fadic Number = 73
You will attain wealth and fame by using your IQ
which you have in plenty. You will have longevity. You will speak
revolutionary ideals. But you will embrace only practical princi-

Integral Fadic Number = 82
You will be clever and intelligent. You will be
blessed with education & prudence.You will rise in the professional
sphere. You will have the savings habit. You will have affinity &
loyalty for home.
Integral Fadic Number = 91
You will be selfish bothered only about your
affairs. You want to attain fame at any cost. You will have the
knack of making money. You may not have accumulated property. If
you try to accumulate via speculation you may fail.

Integral Fadic Number = 100
You will be blessed by Wealth & high longevity.
You will live a contented life. You will be respected by all. You
will help everybody. You expect gain from each & every event. You
may have to face crises. But no threat to life. You will be bless-
ed with devotion divine & philosophic knowledge. You will shine in
the artistic field. You will recognise the great & respect them.

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