Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Effects of Fadic Number 3

Integral Fadic Number = 12
You will be clever & intelligent. You have the
capacity to think alone.You will conquer everyone with the gift of
the gab. You will be charitable & liberal. Your mind will not be
bothered about credit & debit. You will get happiness from friends
and members of the family.

Integral Fadic Number = 21
You will highly valourous & chivalrous. You are
fated to do military service. You will get accolades for bravery.
You will be blessed with the divine gift of articulate speech.
Amongst these people some of them will become literateurs of high
calibre. You will cooperate with all lovingly. You will be an altr-
uist helping others.

Integral Fadic Number = 30
You can become an industrialist if you desire so.
You are capable of planning & executing big projects. You will
invent new things & revolutionise people's way of thinking. By dint
of your hard work you will succeed in life. You will be generous
hearted & chivalrous.You will enjoy all the mundane pleasures.

Integral Fadic Number = 39
Wherever you go you will have a lot of enemies.
Because of that you should be very careful.In profession you will
have fame & prosperity. You know the knack of amassing largesse.
But you will never get domestic happiness nor peace of mind.
Domestic relations also take a beating.

Integral Fadic Number = 48
Your troubles & trials can only be removed by
Divine Grace. Only after middle age will you have economic stabil-
ity. In old age you become a theist.You will have the help of your
children. You will be lacking in the pleasures of the mundane.
In old age you may become a renunciant and strive for Self Actual-

Integral Fadic Number = 57
Born in obscurity you will rise to the top by
dint of your own effort. Even though you may lack high academic
qualifications you will have prudence and intellectual power. You
will have a lot of love affairs.More than wife you will love other
women. You have the ability to conquer women. Even though you are
stingy by nature you will enjoy all the pleasures of life.You will
live a regal life. In lottery and speculation you may have to face
procedure 66

Integral Fadic Number = 66
You will be ignored by the family members. But
you will be respected by others. Knowledge in music & intellectual
wealth will give them happiness. You will be blessed with the gift
of the gab. Therefore all people will follow your instructions to
the letter. You will be a middleman in trade and will make much
money. After one Jupiterian cycle (12 years) there will be change
in their lives.

Integral Fadic Number = 75
You will take a decision immediately in any
activity. You will not think deeply. But you will have tremendous
determination & will power. In whatever profession you are placed
in you will excel in that.You will be known as an altruist helping
others. Others will try to exploit your benevolence. Most of these
will be active in the fields of Medicine and trade.

Integral Fadic Number = 84
You will be known as a jack of all trades but
master of none.Even in young age they will have to bear the burdens
of family life.After middle age you will have mental peace & happi-
ness.You will be blessed with a satisfactory marital life.In young
age you will be an atheist and in old age good bhakthas.

Integral Fadic Number = 93
You will inherit property. You will see to that
you don't lose it.Your domestic life will be marked by contentment.
You will be freed from miseries. You will be born & bred by loving
parents. You will have the fortune of being in high office. You
will have symapathy for your subordinates. You will help others.
But people need not expect financial help from you.

Integral Fadic Number = 102
You are likely to be a spendthrift. Envy may
catch you it its vicious grip. You will be religious. You will be
blessed with many victories. But some certain defeats will also
stare at you in the face. In young age you will have to face many
difficulties but it will be compensated in old age as you will
have a contented life.

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