Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Effects of Fadic Number 4

Integral Fadic Number = 13
Even though you love ancient culture you are
a lover of the modern. You will not lack in any field in life.
You will not be bothered about the future. You are prone to anger.
This quality will create a bad reputation for you. If they plan
everything with insight & aforethought you will be successful in
their ventures. You will become a magistrate or a judge as you
believe in the might of justice. Despite accumulated property you
will have your own savings. You will not get the help of your
friends & relatives. You are straight forward and honest. You will
be enthusiastic in every activity.

Integral Fadic Number = 22
Fortune will grace you in life. You will be
handling money all the time. Even if you born in a lopw family
you will have prosperity in life. You will earn via trade. You
will also adopt means which are not above board. Your wedded life
will be marked by occasional clashes.

Integral Fadic Number = 31
You will be successful in all that you do.
You will only indulge in activities which you think will bring
home the bacon. 8 4 12 - these numbers are favourable to them.
You will have high savings and fame in profession. It is likely
that you may be adopted by another family. You will be known
as a workaholic.

Integral Fadic Number = 40
Prosperity graces you in old age. Till that
time life will be marked by suffering. You may not get the help
of others. You can only rise to the top by dint of your own
efforts. You will be highly contented as you know how to find
peace & happiness in whatever position you are placed in.

Integral Fadic Number = 49
You will live using your artistic skills. You
will have tremendous self-confidence & self-faith. You will attain
fame by indulging in physical games. Your life will be marked by
dire vicissitudes. Even then you will not lose presence of mind.
If you have money you will give it to others. In dire crisis you
may get it back also.

Integral Fadic Number = 58
You will earn reputation & respect from govt.
You will feel the necessity of discovering new & new things. You
will be blessed with devotion humility & reverence for preceptors.
Even then you will have powerful enemies.You will have the help of

Integral Fadic Number = 67
You will earn the respect of society. You will
shine in whatever profession you are in. You will have the fortune
of travelling abroad. You will have vehicles of your own. Even if
you work very hard you may not get adequate compensation. You will
shine in cottage industries. Even if you have immense money you
may not be able to take food in time. Domestic life will be stable.

Integral Fadic Number = 76
You will only achieve success only after a fierce
battle. You will shine in partnership deals. If you indulge in
any activity you will have to face defeat initially. You love the
adventuorus and you will not be satisfied in the economic sphere.
You will have high expenditure which will be more than your income
If you seek other's help it won't be of much use.

Integral Fadic Number = 85
You will progress due to enemies.You will exercise
maximum care & tread very cautiously. Most of these people will be
having expertise in handicrafts.Some will join the legal department.
Some will embrace Medicine. If you use your abilities properly you
can rise to the pinnacle of glory.

Integral Fadic Number = 94
You will be indulging in exports. Your efforts
will fructify during the bright fortnight that is 15 days after the
New Moon. You will make money after 30 and build a house and buy
property. After marriage they will indulge in trade with foreign
lands and become famous. After middle age they will have mental
peace. More than relatives friends will help them a great deal.

Integral Fadic Number = 103
You will be blessed with good knowledge. You
will have a high ranking job. You will be crowned with success &
fame. You will have the fortune of travelling overseas. You help
everybody. But people do not help you normally. The family members
will help and love you.

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