Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Effects of Fadic Number 7

Integral Fadic Number = 16
You will be selfless & pure at heart. You
will be graced by scholarship. Poesis may also grace you.You will
not change your words whatever be the circumstances.You will have
minimum needs & legitimate wants. They all will be fulfilled. You
will indulge in wedlock according to your desire.Your marital life
will be exemplary.

Integral Fadic Number = 25
You will enjoy high rank. You will have to tra-
vel due to official reasons.Even though you are blessed with power
& wealth you will be victorious only after fierce battles.You won't
have rest till the end of life as you are a workaholic.It is quite
likely that you may earn fame from physical games. You love advent-
ure & pleasure.Since you are a devotee you may end up as an ascetic
in the fag end of life.

Integral Fadic Number = 34
You will be free from financial worries. You
will not hesitate to employ means that are not above board to make
money. But your existence is based on treading the correct path.
Love affairs will create headache for them and bring in unwanted

Integral Fadic Number = 43
Your life will be marked by suffering. You will be
confronted by problems one after the other.You will be melancholic
temparament. Despite high educational & academci qualifications
you will not have a stable life.After 45 your life will change for
the better. After that you will think of the future and get the
goodwill of your seniors.

Integral Fadic Number = 52
Your life will be marked by vicissitudes. You
will be clever and intelligent at the same time prone to violent
fits of anger.You wil be blessed with intellectual wealth.You will
gain via partner. One of your children will reach the top.You will
be famous because of your offspring's merit.If you will attain self
control and realise your own abilities you will reach the top.

Integral Fadic Number = 61
In the first half of life you will get wealth
fame & influence.You will have regal life and will travel overseas.
After middle age there will be a dearth of prosperity. Because of
the goodness of your partner's horoscope you may escape from fatal
accidents. You will be selfish by nature. Whatever you get will be
used for the gratification of the senses. You will not be bothered
about the family. You will have knowledge in chemistry.

Integral Fadic Number - 70
You will be a high ranking official or a forign
ambassador. You will not be attracted towards the pleasures of the
mundane. You will be a nationalist & with political expertise. You
will have to do service in a private firm. Life will be peaceful
despite being plagued by problems.

Integral Fadic Number = 79
You will attract anyone easily. You will have
incredible powers of mind. You will have contentment and happiness.
Your partner will love the pleasures of the mundane and will life
a regal life.His/her income will be spent like that. You will have
a high ranking job in bank or govt office.In the plans you envisage
& execute you will be crowned with success. Yours will be an ideal
life for others.

Integral Fadic Number = 88
You will have high sense of humanity and will
be known as a humanist.You will be blessed by Lakshmi. If you have
largesse you will give it to others. Even otherwise you will not
beg from anybody.You may be an industrialist or a trader.Your dome-
stic life will be marked by happiness.

Integral Fadic Number = 97
You will be careful while spending and will
live honourably. You will have high goals. You will have a high
ranking job. You will have wealth via partner. You will have fame
from chidren who are knowledgeable. You will have a satisfactory
and peaceful life.

Integral Fadic Number = 106
You will indulge in sinful acts. You may re-
nounce family ties and live alone. You may not have much affili-
ation for Truth. Most of these people will be living abroad. In
young age you may live as an arbitrarian but in old age you may
live under other's control. Whatever be the high source of income
you may not find it adequate to protect the family.You will follow
the principles of economic prudence. You expect help from others.
You may be hard hearted. You will get renown due to adventurous

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