Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Effects of Fadic Number 8

Integral Fadic Number = 17
You will have mental strength & firm intelli-
gence. You will control anger when it arises. Your MQ ( Memory
Quotient) will be very high. You will be grateful and will reci-
procate whatever help you receive. You will be blessed by good
children. Even if you are born in obscurity you will reach the
top in your professional field.

Integral Fadic Number = 26
You will be clever & intelligent. There will be a
dearth of happiness. Your job will not be stable. It will be
subject to change. Your marital life will not be happy. You will
be faced with critical situations where the less fit will commit
suicide. Men despite having beautiful consorts will be interested
in other women. Happiness will be missing from wedded life. You
will not renounce self pride at any cost. After 40 you will have
comfortable life. Contentment and satisfaction you will have in
plenty after 40. The people who did not care for you will come to
your help after 40.

Integral Fadic Number = 35
Due to hard work you will attain a high status
You will not have much inherited wealth. You will have to struggle
hard early in life during student days. You will do any job respo-
nsibly and with precision.You will get the goodwill of your super-
iors.Cleverness enthusiasm and veracity will take them to the top.
You will be liberal & a hedonist. Your liberality does not allow
you to amass largesse.

Integral Fadic Number = 44
You will serve society and will be known as
a reformer. You are blunt and do not conceal anything. You will
not fall a prey to temptations. You will have high presence of
mind. Men only in the presence of their consorts will be meek.
Women will be soft hearted and success always will be with them.
Unexpected wealth will come to you. You will not have much inte-
rest in religious affairs.

Integral Fadic Number = 53
Your life will be marked by dire vicissitudes.
Sometimes they may lose their job & as a result suffer humiliation
and calumny. If they do not lose presence of mind they can come to
the top via some other field.These are people who know the myster-
ies of Life. Their family life will be crowned with success.

Integral Fadic Number = 62
These are people who jump from victory to victory
You have the gift of imagination. Whatever they will they achieve.
They practicalise the principle "Where there is a Will there is a
way". But their life will not be a bed of roses. It will be full
of struggles & strife. You have to be very careful & incorporate
the courage to face any eventuality.They will be able to influence
others independently. Night time is the ideal time for their succ-
ess. You will get the goodwill of your friends and you will live a
contented life.

Integral Fadic Number = 71
You will have innovative ideas. Some of these
people will join the scholastic profession. Or will be researching
into philosophical books. Even though they may be blessed with pro-
perty prior to their birth they amass enough largesse. You will be
liberal. You will help ever hurt never. Their innate ability will
surprise many. Their family will be an exemplar to many.

Integral Fadic Number = 80
You will be superstitious. You will try to make
money via crooked means.But you will have fame only if you walk the
path celestial or the Right Path. Even though you look courageous
you are cowardly at heart.You will be plagued by many sorrows. But
these sorrows will not be everlasting. Whatever be the amount of
wealth they are graced by they will have immense domestic problems.
They may not have good relations with wife & kids. But friends will
respect you.

Integral Fadic Number = 89
Most of these wander in their own land. They
come to the house only during meal time. Only some rare people
attain high education and serve the Govt or private firms. Even if
they do not have job they live comfortably till middle age. After
middle age they will be beset by many a calamity. Then they will
be helped by friends and relatives.

Integral Fadic Number = 98
You will be blessed by high education. You will
be in high post due to your dexterity. You will only think about
that which is practical & humanly possible. You will be confronted
by big sorrows & great diseases. Divine service will benefit them
than medicines. Due to inordinate expenditure you will have debt
problems. Ultimaltely you will indulge in philosophic pursuits and
find peace of mind.

Integral Fadic Number = 107
You will have ideals which are purblind. You will
get high degrees. Will have inordiante wealth. You will move away
from arguments. You will not have much marital felicity & wedlock
bliss. If you follow the righteous path you will have mental peace
and happiness. You will also achieve a high position.

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